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Event Chairs Duties & Operation Information


Please attend the last meeting before the summer recess in order to plan for the coming year’s events.

Three months before the event:

  • Secure a facility and date for the event.
  • Give event information to the President or VP.
  • Get this information posted on the website ahead of time: Date, Location, application deadline, Entry Fee.
  • Make sure piano(s)  is tuned or request if needed,
  • Adequate parking and judge(s) tables are available.
  • Secure evaluator(s). If it is a State event two judges are required.
  • 2017 compensation for the evaluators are $50 per hour
  • The evaluator(s) must be a member of CAPMT

One month before the event:

  • It is required to attend the monthly meeting and report to the board your progress on the program and promote your event through the newsletter, the website, and email blast to participating members in the event.
  • Use the meeting to help get volunteers assigned to help bring food and drinks for lunch if needed, and to have helpers for setup, announcing, cleanup, etc. These people would include teacher colleagues and student volunteers from high school or college.
  • Notify date, time and locations to the eligible teachers and confirm that the website on-line registration is functioning properly.  Contact the website administrator if it is not.
  • Make sure to pay the location fee and any other necessary involved transections.
  • Order any awards, at least 2 weeks before so you don’t get charged extra for rush delivery.

Right after the deadline:

  • Fill out the necessary evaluation forms for evaluators.
  • Set up the schedule and create the program as soon as possible. Give teachers time to go over if their requests are met.
  • Don’t give specific performance times but rather general time frame like AM vs. PM
  • Also send a copy draft program to evaluator including address and the time you want them to be there.

Day of the Event:

  • Bring programs, evaluation forms & fees, extra pen & pencils, sticky pads, tape, foot pedals if available, students’ awards or certs, and signs to the event date.
  • Assure that food and drinks for lunch, if needed, are being brought.
  • Be there on time along with your volunteers to set up event signs, and prepare and oversee the event.
  • All forms are ready for evaluator, and welcome all people.
  • Be prepared for the late arrivals, students without music, confused parents, nervous teachers, and other unexpected potential problems. Be cool and behave professionally while following the rules, use best judgement to solve problems.
  • Don’t forget to give the Evaluator’s fee in person before they leave.(Prepared envelop with “ Thank notes”)
  • Take a few pictures of the event for the newsletter.

 After the Event:

  • Make sure to clean up facility with help and check if any damages or left other things from the audiences, take down signs before you leave the facility.
  • Submit a paragraph about the program how it went with some pictures that you have taken and submit expense report with net loss and profit to treasurer.
  • You can relax until next year!!! Congratulations on your success!