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This is a event in recital format open to all ages, levels, and instruments including voice. The event features solo or ensemble performances encompassing all musical periods.  An evaluator will write comments and rate each students as Superior, Excellent or Good. Each of those who receive Superior or Excellent plus ratings will be invited to perform in the  Spotlight Awards and Recognition concert at the end of the 2019-20 school year.


Sunday, November 1, 2020
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


October 20, 2020


This will be a remote event via Zoom

Anna Grigorian, Event Chair

Tavner Delcamp, Co-chair


  1. The SoCal Fall Music Festival is open to all teachers and contributory members of the San Diego North Chapter.
  2. A limit of 10 students per teacher may enter. If you wish to add more students, please contact the Co-Chairs within 2 days after the deadline to see if space is still available.
  3. The divisions are follows:
    – Solo Division: 2 pieces from the contrasting periods: Level: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced-You will be judged by your own music, not a competition between performers.
    – Ensemble Division: include accompanied duet, and voice, Level: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced
  4. Time limits are as follows and are determined by the level of the piece:
    – Elementary: 2 minutes
    – Intermediate: 4 minutes
    – Advanced: 6 minutes
  5. Students should be prepared to perform via Zoom according to a schedule that will be sent to each teacher.
  6. Soloists must perform from memory, ensembles are permitted to perform with music.
  7. An evaluator will write comments and rate each students as Superior, Excellent or Good. Each of those who receive Superior or Excellent plus ratings will be invited to perform in the June Spotlight Concert & Award Scholarship Ceremony.
  8. Studios who participates with 5 or more students will be given special studio privilege to enter one guaranteed teachers’s choice student selection in the June Spotlight Concert and Awards.
  9. All participants will be given a medal and a certificate for their performance with rating.
  10. Teachers are required to obtain and keep on file media consent and release forms for their students.  The submission of this consent and release signifies that SDNC CAPMT has permission to, without compensation, record audio, video, and/or still images of participants in this event, including students and teachers, and use the recordings in publications, web pages, or other promotional materials representing SDNC CAPMT.  The same form may be used for the entire year (July 1 to June 30 of the following year).
    1. Parent Consent Form
    2. Adult Student Consent Form


Entry fees will be paid via check.  See application form below.

Students must be entered (and have a fee paid) for for EACH Division (solo/ensemble), however, there is a discounted fee when the student will participate as both a soloist and an ensemble member.

  • Entries as an Ensemble member: $15 per student
  • Entries as Soloist: $25 per student
  • Entry as a Soloist and an Ensemble member: $25
  • Family members and teachers accompanying in Ensembles are also required to register and pay a $15 fee

Please note that teachers that are not MTNA-CAPMT members are welcome to participate, but will have a $5 per entry surcharge.
Fees are doubled for late entries (see above for dates).


Registration form