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INTRODUCTIONBaroque Classical Sonata Sonatina

The 2020 Southern California Winter Music Festival will consist of two categories:

This festival has two categories:

I )  A non-competitive Winter Festival of  “Bach-to-Bartok” repertoire. Students can play up to two pieces (up to 7 mins). Adjudication is given with comments only . The music must be memorized.
II. A competitive Sonata/Sonatina medal division.  Awards will be given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention winners. The music must be memorized.

Saturday February 29, 2020
10:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Redeemer-by-the-Sea Lutheran Church
660 Black Rail Rd.
Carlsbad, CA 92011

$25 per student participating in the non-competitive Winter Festival.
$35 per student participating in the Sonata/Sonatina competition.


Tavner Delcamp
Young Robbins


Rules and Guidelines: This competition is open to piano teachers who are CAPMT members.  Teachers who are not CAPMT members can enter students, but must pay a $10 surcharge.

    • Students must dress in appropriate recital attire and stay for the entire recital in which they perform
    • Students will perform one movement from a Sonata or Sonatina from any time period and any difficulty. No repeats
    • The music must be memorized
    • Students will compete based upon their age as December 2019. The age divisions (for the competitive Sonata/Sonatina competition) with time limits are as follows:
      Division I (age 9 and under): 3 minutes
      Division II (age 10-12): 5 minutes
      Division III (age 13-15): 7 minutes
      Division IV (age 16-18): 10 minutes
      The judges will stop the performance when the student reaches the time limit. This will in no way penalize the student.
    • Compositions must be in their original form. No transcriptions, key changes, or arrangements. No unpublished works.
    • Students must bring copies of the original music to the festival for the adjudicators to view. No photocopied music is allowed.
    • A First, and Second, and Third place and Honorable Mention will be awarded for each Division.
    • Judges’ decisions are final.


Entry fees will be paid by check.  See the application form below.

Students must be entered (and have a fee paid) for EACH Division (solo/ensemble), however, there is a discounted fee when the student will participate as both a soloist and an ensemble member.

For example, if a student performs a piano solo and then a vocal solo and also performs in an ensemble, they would be entered twice on the SOLO entry form and once on an ENSEMBLE entry form.

  • Entries as Soloist: $25 per student (non-medal division); $35 per student (Sonata/Sonatina medal division)
  • Entry as a Soloist and an Ensemble member: $30 (Paid as $25 soloist fee and $5 ensemble fee).  Students who are accompanied by a teacher/parent will be considered soloists and have to pay $25 (non-medal) or $35 (medal). Students who perform in both the non-competitive festival and Sonata/Sonatina competition: $40
  • Entry as an Ensemble member only:  $15 per student

Please note that teachers that are not MTNA-CAPMT members are welcome to participate, but will have a $10 per entry surcharge.
Fees are doubled for late entries (see above for dates).