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Here are photos from the Pop/Contemporary Festival held jointly with the North San Diego branch of MTAC.  Excellent performances by all of the students who participated!dsc_1200 dsc_1197 dsc_1195 dsc_1194 dsc_1193 dsc_1190 dsc_1189 dsc_1188 dsc_1186 dsc_1185 dsc_1184 dsc_1183 dsc_1182 dsc_1181 dsc_1180 dsc_1179 dsc_1178 dsc_1177 dsc_1176 dsc_1175 dsc_1174 dsc_1170 dsc_1169 dsc_1168 dsc_1167 dsc_1166 dsc_1165 dsc_1164 dsc_1163 dsc_1162 dsc_1161 dsc_1160 dsc_1159 dsc_1158 dsc_1157 dsc_1155 dsc_1154 dsc_1153 dsc_1152 dsc_1151 dsc_1150 dsc_1149 dsc_1148 dsc_1147 dsc_1146 dsc_1144 dsc_1141 dsc_1140 dsc_1129 dsc_1127 dsc_1125 dsc_1123 dsc_1120 dsc_1119 dsc_1118 dsc_1115 dsc_1114 dsc_1112 dsc_1110 dsc_1108 dsc_1107 dsc_1105